Frequently Asked Questions

What type of child will benefit from this?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions below, then Absolutely! We can definitely help you and your child!

How do we get started?

Just fill out the scheduling form here to get set up with a FREE consultation. 

What will the Evaluation process be like?

The Occupational Therapist will meet with you and your child. An in-depth interview will be completed with you, and strategies to establish rapport with the child will be utilized. Based on the content of the interview, you will be asked to contribute information for one or more standardized assessments. The evaluation appointment usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Using all of this information, the OT and you will discuss the results at a follow-up session, determine eligibility for Occupational Therapy, establish goals and a treatment plan if your child would benefit from therapy. 

What can I expect during the Treatment phase?

The OT will work with the child and You to accomplish the goals that were established. The OT uses a strategy called Occupational Performance Coaching which helps build the skills and capacity of both the parent and the child through a collaborative partnership where the parents are the experts. We will work together to devise new strategies and develop a better understanding of the unique needs of your child. We utilize a variety of specialized and skilled intervention strategies to help address your child's needs. Remember, you're the boss and an extremely valuable member of the team that supports your child.

Where do sessions take place?

All of our sessions take place in the home and community, depending on the specific needs of your child. When pursuing therapy, please make sure you, and any other decision-makers, are comfortable with us entering your home. 

Do you take insurance?

We accept New Mexico Medicaid. Texas Medicaid is pending.
We accept all major insurance companies that operate in the state of New Mexico.

I will be paying out of pocket. What can I expect this to cost?

We use a sliding scale to ensure that this service is available and affordable to everyone. For someone who has a high enough income to not benefit from the sliding scale, session prices can be found as printed on our Services and Rates page. 

Please note that the cost of the initial evaluation is non-negotiable. It is $160, which includes the interview, and all following time needed to process and create the evaluation document and plan of care.