Welcome to Outside The Box Therapy! We are a pediatric Occupational Therapy practice that strives to help children and their families succeed at home and in their communities. We bring hope to families through a collaborative, coaching approach that equips you and your child with the skills and tools needed to help your child be successful. We blend parent coaching with a direct play-based therapy approach that gives parents and their child the skills they need to succeed together. After each therapy session, you will have fresh ideas and strategies to overcome the problems and barriers identified during therapy. We will work with you to problem solve through the challenges you may run into along the way. As a parent, you are more influential in your child's life than any therapist. That's why our team works works with your child and you together. No more sitting in a waiting room wondering what your child is doing. We come to your home to work with you and your child on the things that he or she struggles with everyday. 

By working together, you and your child will gain the skills needed to succeed!

Your child will learn:

► Responsibility                                                    ► Behavior Regulation

► Respect                                                               ► Being Calm

► Social Skills                                                        ► Self-Regulation

► Self-care skills

You will:

► become more connected with your child

► feel less stressed and less anxious

► be more productive

► spend less time dealing with discipline